I believe that good design is not esoteric, therefore my work aims to be playful, truthful and honest. I focus on future thinking design, technology and believe that design should be used as a social tool for change.

Design should change the world. I try not to take myself too seriously, although I am serious about what I do.

Jack Fancy


MATR1 focuses on experimental typography and the balance of order and chaos in design. Our mission is to share messages inspired by people who have made a difference and inspire others to create more 'content that matters' - design with powerful meaning. 

We believe design should be used to change the world. This project will continue to grow through social media influence, and eventually we aim to become a clothing brand.


This campaign was all about branding and executing a simple but powerful idea to communicate one thing. Demanding the freedom of Shawkan the photojournalist and all other human rights defenders who have suffered unjust imprisonments. We took this project to the streets making a film to continue wearing awareness for the cause.


This project explores the relationship we have with money and in particular receipts. It explores what data is created through collecting all the receipts for the money you have physically spent in 2 months, and how that can be visualised both in a qualitative and quantitative nature. It also made me question receipts as a highly outdated source of data collection and speculate on an alternative which was visually more exciting and rewarding.


Intersections focuses on ‘a point at which two or more idea’s, things or people meet’. We chose to focus into the disparate intersections of non-linear narratives, in cities like London and Amsterdam layers of society have been created and invisible lines drawn betweens tourists and residents. Our digital publication explores the visual space in which these layers interact, and how the user viewing the content can experience a reflection of tourist destinations through the visual intensity of design.


This project explores the area of Deptford highstreet to inspire atmospheric lighting. Deptford highstreet is being slowly gentrified, this lighting is a questioning the liberal celebration of the multicultural, immersive and eclectic nature of Deptfords community, while giving coffeeshops, bars and restaurants a little glimpse into the market without their clients having to go and visit.

This object became a comment on the divide between the areas of Deptford, and how the gentrified area was inaccessible for many who use the hight street on a daily basis.


This project focused on the idea of the post-digital and the concept that every aspect of our lives is so deeply integrated with the digital, that as designers we have to start creating for this world. The digital was only offered as an alternative explanation to the analogue, however as our analogue world is enhanced by technology.

We chose to approach an aspect of the digital which has changed every aspect of our lives, and is on some levels so developed yet in another way so primitive; the action of messaging and typing.


Foodora, a hat designed for the self conscious and the eccentric; inspired by the desire to have an intimate moment with your food whatever the social situation, with a slightly burlesque twist.


If the sound of wood burning is relaxing and therapeutic; proven to reduce blood pressure, What does the sound of burns on wood sound like? The fire box, a mechanical music box which reads the texture of burnt wood. A truthful representation of a sound which charred wood creates and fire leaves behind.


‘Chinatown’ is considered one of the best films of all time, with 98% on rotten tomatoes, if you don’t want me to ruin it for you please…CROSS DROWNS HOLLIS. As the murder mystery is solved through motif’s of water, we chose our final outcome to be revealed only when ‘drowned’


The hide and sit investigates how camouflage could be used in a domestic sense, in the home, through recontextualising the unaesthetic rather than just hiding it.


In a futile attempt to clean up the streets. One bloke takes a more creative approach.


This is a selection of micscellaneous projects along my projects.


An exhibition showcasing a variety of work created throughout the year, I was part of the team curating the exhobition, building the show itself and working on the branding.


A 3 day Mayor of London Climate Change Hack focusing on Londons dangerous level's of air pollution. This is a project which is progressing into a intergrated campaign to raise awareness of the issue, and was exhibited at Somerset house. More photos to follow.


STiTCH.ED is an ongoing project as a small clothing brand which creates unique quality clothing at an affordable price, based soley on depop. The designs represent visuals which are extremely popular and 'on trend', therefore are a snapshot of mainstream design in time.


A couple of examples of Web design and branding. More to follow.

Web Design and Branding for Professor Courtney Pine OBE.

Web Design and Branding for Nikki Meadows Casting, a Brighton based Casting Agency.